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Are you an undercover adrenaline junkie? Get up off the sofa and into the plane for your chance on the extreme adventure. There is not an experience within this world that compares to the sensation you'll get jumping from an airplane during your parachuting adventure.

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Whether you're playing hooky from your job or riding down on a Weekend, we're ready to get you in the sky.

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Skydive Trenton Disciplines

Once you've got your skydiving "wings" it's time to try out one of the sport's many variants. The universe has plenty of adrenaline-pumping prospects that involve free-falling, floating or flying above the Earth.

We can guide you on the right path to guarantee you locate just the right skydiving discipline to meet your needs.

Here is a handful of the more preferred alternatives to skydiving that you might want to try out through Skydive Trenton.

Sky Surf

Surf the sky with this modern sport. Learn how you can ride the wave in a whole new way when you mix street skateboarding with water surfing and throw in the thrill of of skydiving.

Canopy Piloting

Also known as canopy piloting, canopy swooping is almost as thrilling to see as it is to actually experience.

With canopy swooping, you'll look, and feel, like a bird of prey , soaring gently back and forth high above the Earth, then accelerating towards the drop zone in a highly-technical, controlled glide that will leave you, and your spectators, breathless!

Free Fly

Pretend Super hero all you want to in a freefly skydive. This free-form skydiving method is about exploring your personal limits and pushing the boundaries by exercising twists, turns and tumbles during a freefall, then coasting carefully back to the ground under your parachute.

Wingsuit Flight

Dominate wingsuit diving and you're on top of the world! Slip on the "squirrel suit" and dive into the wide gap of the sky, only to cheat gravity when you open up your arms and take to gliding through the blue sky.

{Come fly with us! Skydive with a wingsuit and have the miracle of flight. We're here to answer your inquiries, so give us a call!|Help us make a reservation for your upcoming aerial experience!

Why Choose Us?

Parachuting is an experience where safety is a number one priority. The activity has come to be increasingly safer throughout the years as measures have been placed to ensure providers adhere to the United States Parachute Association (USPA) welfare and instruction procedures. Still, choosing the "right" company for your skydiving experience can be a demanding task. You want a provider that guarantees a good time while maintaining the highest safety rank available. We have the biggest network of skydiving distributors in the US. You will have a good time with our qualified instructors that will supply you with important tips to enable you to achieve a satisfying skydive jump.


Connect with us to reserve a slot at any of our affiliates. We provide tandem and free fall alternatives for anyone that lives for the excitement, with or without parachuting experience. Reservations are good for two years after purchase and jumps can be rescheduled in the event of inclement weather. While we don't offer refunds, reservations are transferable.

Skydive Trenton's exceptionally skilled instructors provide divers a terror-free rush to remember. Take the leap and call us right now to make your reservation. You'll be happy you did!

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Skydive Trenton specializes in providing new skydivers with a safe, exhilarating and extraordinary skydiving experience. We'll connect you with a professional skydiving instructor who will take you from the ground to the air - and back again - giving you an awesome intro to the habit forming sport of high-speed skydiving!

Here's what you need to know about getting ready for, and enjoying, your first day at the dropzone:




Jump from 2.6 miles
Freefall for 60 sec

Heart Rate


Jump from 1.8 miles
Freefall for 30 to 35 sec

Heart Rate


You'll get pointed in the right direction to get you started with skydiving services located near you.